My name is Nischal Subedi

I am a Programmer

I am a Hacker

cloud mountain


I am a Web Designer/Developer & an Hacker based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have a passion for all things Tech and love to learn a lot about it.

My Skills.

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Design & Development

I started Coding since i was 14 and since then i have been doing different Small scale and large scale projects.


Hacking Web Applications

Hacker by heart, Offense >=< Defense, I mainly hack for bounties you can find me on hackerone & Bugcrowd @crystalclear.


Hot Chilly Challenge

I love Hot Wings, come join me on a Wing Hunting challenge around the Globe.

I am Available!

If you would love to have a Website Designed/Developed by me or want your application tested for vulnerabilities

We can Design and Develop what you need and get it working across all types of devices while we munch on some hot wings!.